Container Extension for Visual Studio 2019

Containers are still a new technology and there are a lot of people (devs included) who are not familiar with the commands to run/manage containers from the command line. Visual Studio is releasing a preview of an extension that lets you start/stop and manage the containers that devs are building more and more. Learn more […]

AKS Today – Choosing a Base Image

We recommend using official images from Docker Hub. These images have been curated to provide the key languages, runtimes, best practices and security updates. Considering your image will be copied to the container registry and downloaded numerous times through the deployment pipeline, it is important to keep your image sizes small. In general, you want […]

AKS Today – Container Registries

When you package up your application in a container image, you need somewhere to store it. That is the purpose of the container registry. It is like an app store for your container images. A registry is organized into repositories, where a repository holds all the versions of a specific image. You might have separate […]

AKS Today – Pods

I’m diving deep into pods today! First, let’s make sure our terminology is straight. Here is the hierarchy of “objects” in Kubernetes: Cluster Nodes Pod Container Image In reverse, I would say: “I will create an image of my application and use it to create a container. The container will run in my pod, which […]