Interesting things from WWDC!

I watched the keynote from WWDC 2019 and these are the announcements that I found interesting (it is not the complete list): Watch – Voice memos, calc with bill splitting and audiobooks – Independent apps – Streaming audio API – App store – Cycle tracking – Monochrome style iPhone – Face ID 30% faster – […]

Container Extension for Visual Studio 2019

Containers are still a new technology and there are a lot of people (devs included) who are not familiar with the commands to run/manage containers from the command line. Visual Studio is releasing a preview of an extension that lets you start/stop and manage the containers that devs are building more and more. Learn more […]

AKS Today – Google Anthos

Coming out of spring break, I wanted to give a quick update on some work that Google is doing to support Kubernetes across multiple clouds (Google, AWS and Azure). Very interesting to see them take this kind of approach considering they created Kubernetes – an orchestrator for docker – in the first place. Stay tuned […]