AKS Today – Adding SSL to my website

3/28 – I found a good article that walks through the steps for deploying an ingress controller in Kubernetes to terminate SSL and forward the connection to my container running node.js. I’m going to work on this this weekend and update the blog!


3/31 – Ok, this article above is for creating internal/test certificates. I learned a lot, but going down this path was a waste of time since the certificates don’t appear to come from a real cert authority and show up as “acme”.

This article here seems to be taking me down the right path: https://estl.tech/configuring-https-to-a-web-service-on-google-kubernetes-engine-2d71849520d.

4/1 – Ugh. Looks like I will need to migrate from Network Solutions to GoDaddy since Network Solutions doesn’t allow me to create a CNAME to redirect my domain properly. This will take some time.

Stay tuned.