AKS Today – Adding SSL to my website

3/28 – I found a good article that walks through the steps for deploying an ingress controller in Kubernetes to terminate SSL and forward the connection to my container running node.js. I’m going to work on this this weekend and update the blog! https://dgkanatsios.com/2017/07/07/using-ssl-for-a-service-hosted-on-a-kubernetes-cluster/ 3/31 – Ok, this article above is for creating internal/test certificates. […]

More ways to explore music

While it’s great to browse for the music you want, sometimes you want some suggestions – and that is why i have the various album covers on the music page. However, since redesigning the site, I hadn’t wired it up to actually show you the album… Well, that has changed! Now, you can click any […]

dark mode by default

it was about a year ago that my friend, Shawn, sugggested that i have a dark theme for my site…and i remember saying, “what?!?!” Well, i reluctantly made an optional dark theme for the site – but I didn’t use it. then, over the past year, I started seeing dark mode in more and more […]

Watermarking images using javascript

I found a great javascript library, watermark.js, to watermark photos with your own custom image or text. It’s customizable, fast and free! Now, I’m using it on dreaddontdie.com. To see it in action, head to the homepage and click on an image. You’ll see the watermark in the lower-right corner. I’m working on adding this […]

Music is coming back

I’ve started working on redesigning and rebuilding dreaddontdie music… my music site that I built years ago to stream music from my personal 90Gb library. It will take some time to bring back all the features that I had before, but I’m looking forward to making the new one better than before.

Hello from Node.js!

Notice anything new?! Probably not…but now the entire site is running on Node.js! Along with the new Node.js backend, I revamped the development and deployment processes: Using Visual Studio Code for Mac as my editor (instead of Visual Studio Community Edition on Windows) Bitbucket.org for code repository (instead of keeping it local on my Windows […]

Automatic Photo refresh

In addition to displaying random images from a collection on the homepage, it now changes a random photo on the page every 10 seconds to another image from the collection. First, I created the timer and it will call the changeImg function every 10 seconds (10000 milliseconds): var myTimer = setInterval(changeImg, 10000); Then I get […]

Variety is good!

I just added a feature to the site that randomly places the background images on the home page…instead of the same image appearing in the same spot all the time. It was something I wanted to add for a while and I’m so happy to have it. for the technical folks, it is all done […]

Bugs, bugs, motivation.

Most people are familiar with the term “writers block” and I feel that extends to the entire field of creative people. I’ve found that hitting a bug during software development can either push you to work on it non-stop or it can push you away from the project altogether for a period of time due to […]