Moving the site to Node.js

dreaddontdie has always been an website written on .NET and hosted on Windows. That is about to change.

I’m moving the site over to node.js. I want to do this for a few reasons:

  • I use a Mac on a daily basis and I run a Windows VM for .NET development. I want a native editing experience on Mac and cross-platform support if I write code on Windows.
  • I also want cross-platform support for running the site. Today the site runs on Azure in App Service (on a Windows VM basically) – but I want flexibility to move it to a different OS or hosting platform all together (like containers).
  • I feel JavaScript is light-weight, fun (if you can believe that) and it’s something I know. With Node.js, you can run the same JavaScript server-side, so there is a lot of existing knowledge I can leverage.
  • I’m new to the “open source” world and I really like it…the focus on modules and reusable components.

I’ll need to rewrite many, many aspects of the advanced parts of dreaddontdie (photos, music) but I know it is worth it in the long run.