My birthday present:

today i turn 38! and dreaddontdie turns 18!

i thought I’d spend most of the day working on the site and being creative. the big thing i plan to work on today is adding full album streaming – instead of the song by song that is there today. Update: it’s done!

for those who don’t know, this site is a complete rewrite of my old site – i started around 2001 and built it up over 14 years before retiring it. had a full featured music player with favorites, history, suggestions, playlists, new music and more – before the days of spotify. it’s one of the most amazing things i’ve ever created. i also had a photos site, news, blog and a really cool timeline feature that i plan to bring back one day.

however, i felt i had to force myself to reinvent the site, make it more visual and modern. 18 years later, i’m so happy with and i’m so glad i can spend some extra time giving it some love today.