Interesting things from WWDC!

I watched the keynote from WWDC 2019 and these are the announcements that I found interesting (it is not the complete list):


– Voice memos, calc with bill splitting and audiobooks
– Independent apps
– Streaming audio API
– App store
– Cycle tracking
– Monochrome style


– Face ID 30% faster
– Smaller apps and updates
– 2X faster app launch
– Dark mode!
– Swipe keyboard native (Quick path)
– Reminders natural language! Reminders for people show up in messages
– Street view for apple maps
– Allow once location sharing and reports
– Sign in with Apple
– HomeKit for routers
– iMessage name and photo sharing
– Memoji makeup and accessories, tongue rings, AirPods, lol
– Memoji stickers
– Photos
– New editing experience, tap and drag
– VIgnette, noise reduction finally
– New “moments” powered by AI
– Month views highlights what happened this day


– Reads incoming messages, you can respond
– Audio sharing


– Personalized for each person


– Dashboard with more info


– Improved speech


– iPadOS
– More icons on homescreen
– Pin dashboard to homescreen
– Slide over multi-tasking
– Side by side apps; Multi-window
– App expose
– USB drive support
– Direct import to lightroom
– Safari, Desktop engine
– Copy/paste with 3 fingers, cut with double tap
– 3 finger swipe to undo
– Pencil: 9ms latency
– Drag pencil from bottom lets you markup a screenshot
– Pinch keyboard for compact version

Mac Pro

– New Mac Pro – kinda ugly
– Starts at $6k
– $1k stand


– Catalina
– ITunes —> Music, Podcasts and TV
– SideCar – use iPad as second display and with pencil support
– Voice control for Mac and iOS
– Find My… – even a sleeping Mac using Bluetooth
– Activation lock for Mac with T2 chip?
– Cataylst – ipad apps on Mac
– Xcode enhancements for iPad/Mac support
– SwiftUI