AKS Today – Persistent Storage options

There is a good article that talks about persistent storage options for AKS. You basically have 3 choices in Azure: Standard Managed Disk Premium Managed Disk Azure Files If you only need one container to access the volume at a time, then you can leverage standard or premium disks based on your needs. However, if […]

Azure Blob Storage Account Failover (Preview)

Just heard that there is a preview feature that lets you control failover of your RA-GRS storage account. From the docs.microsoft.com article: Azure Storage supports account failover (preview) for geo-redundant storage accounts. With account failover, you can initiate the failover process for your storage account if the primary endpoint becomes unavailable. The failover updates the […]

AKS Today – Storage

I’m learning about how to deal with storage for your containers. There are a few options: emptyDir – is scoped to the Pod and lifespan of the Pod. It seems to take local storage from the host and presents it to the pod. For example, if you had two containers running in a pod, they […]