Looking back…

Two years ago, dreaddontdie was based on  .net, running on Windows and designed for Internet Explorer. Today, dreaddontdie.com is quite the opposite…it runs on Linux! 😳

Last month, the redesign of dreaddontdie (version 8.x) turned 2 years old.

Here is what looks like now from the browser to the backend:

  • My code editior is VS Code
  • The site is written in HTML and lots and lots of Javascript
  • Responsive design, HTML5 for audio, cross-browser/platform support
  • Using Node.js and Express to host the application backend
  • Cloud storage to host images, photos and music
  • The site is packaged into a Docker image and deployed to my Kubernetes cluster running Linux
  • Everything is hosted in the cloud (Azure)

It’s amazing to look back and see how far it has come!