AKS Today – Artifact Stores

Well…I’m familiar with container registries but there is a new paradigm that is being worked on… an artifact registry. The idea is the same as a container (image) registry…store versions of files/configs/images, etc and distribute it to your containers. This would create a new standard that would be supported across all docker implementations and would […]

AKS Today – Hands-on with Docker

Here are some commands that I put together to give you a walkthrough of using docker to create a container image and publish it to Docker Hub. #kubectl cheat sheet: https://kubernetes.io/docs/reference/kubectl/cheatsheet #docker cheat sheet: https://devhints.io/docker #Tutorials: https://kubernetes.io/docs/tutorials/ #Contents of the Dockerfile### #FROM nginx #COPY static-html-directory /usr/share/nginx/html docker build -t mydemoimage1 . docker images #make sure […]

AKS Today – Persistent Storage options

There is a good article that talks about persistent storage options for AKS. You basically have 3 choices in Azure: Standard Managed Disk Premium Managed Disk Azure Files If you only need one container to access the volume at a time, then you can leverage standard or premium disks based on your needs. However, if […]