AKS Today – Architecture Design Session Framework

Here is my highlevel framework for working with customers to migrate their application to Azure. It is work in progress, but I wanted to get version 1.0 out there so 2.0 can happen one day!

Before we begin, here is our fictitious three-tiered app:

  • UI – ASP.NET Web Forms, stateful
  • API – .NET, java, monolith
  • DB – SQL, cross-database queries, tempDB

Here is what my agenda looks like for an app migration session to Azure:

  • Discovery: Ask questions about EACH component
    • Lift and shift, modernize, refactor, rewrite for cloud native
    • What else is key to the solution?
      • Windows or Linux?!
      • Containers, serverless, microservices, PaaS
      • Scalability, manageability, HA, DR
      • Reuse vs redo
      • Compliance, data governance
      • Stateful vs stateless
    • Outline the options in Azure and educate the customer about each one
      • Compute, storage, database, etc
  • Solution Design:
    • Drive toward a solution by building/drawing the future state on the whiteboard (or draw.io) as you make key architectural decisions
    • Examples:
      • AKS
        • UI, API
        • Microservices
      • DB
      • CI/CD
      • Inbound
      • Backend services
        • Serverless
      • Monitoring
      • High Availability
      • Disaster Recovery